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April 3, 2019
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Launch paint booth CCH-101

introduction:Launch Paint booth CCH-101: Size:6.9*3.9*2.7m Intake Fan:7.5KW Exhaust Fan: Option

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1.Overall dimension(m):7.0*5.3*3.5
2.Inner dimension(m):6.9*3.9*2.7
3.Width of door for entrance of vehicle(m):3.0
4.Height of door for entrance of vehicle(m):2.7
5.Steel plate thickness(mm):0.326
6.Filtrated area(m2):20
7.Air flow volume(m3/h):24000
8.Air velocity within booth(m/s):0.25~0.35
9.Ventilation times(times/hr):265
10.Working temperature(°C):60~80
11.Oil consumption(kg/set):6~8
13.Main blower:One unit 7.5KW European style professional blowers
14.Nether lighting:no
15.environmental protection device:no
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